We are Bio-AX®


Bio-AX® is a cost effective, interoperable and securely encrypted Body Worn Video and communication solution able to transmit the LIVE audio and situational picture (4G / Wi-Fi) in one simple, easy to use, rugged form factor. Designed for Situational awareness, Command and control and database consultation, our System can be utilised for Number Plate Recognition, Facial Recognition, ID / Passport / Document acquisition and verification, fingerprinting, registration and recording.


Bio-AX® offers the advantage of providing detection by comparison of concealed heat sources, and Night Vison with HD Video and Audio as standard.


Bio-AX® also provides an enhanced staff ‘safety blanket’ alarm feature, with capability for remote access, remote memory wipe and redaction software all built in to a ‘Security and Privacy by design’ product. Coupled with GPS location and GIS Google Mapping, all user actions from the Bio-AX® are logged, creating a complete chain of custody, from signing a device out, to streaming live footage, to securely uploading any evidence.


For the first time, Bio-AX® gives organisations the capability to audit their actions for compliance, and the power to deploy the correct resources, with a live ‘eye and ear on the ground’ perspective. This technology will bring many benefits to the stakeholders and increase security in our communities throughout Europe and beyond.


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The Audax Team, look forward to welcoming you to our stand. We are Bio-AX®