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Pioneers in Body Worn Video

Pioneers in Body Worn Video Technology

Audax® have been the worldwide Pioneers in Body Worn Video (BWV) technology since 2005. We led the World in 2006 with the UK Home Office in a joint project producing the first ever BWV standards.

Why we’re the Best in the Industry

Audax were the First UK Security SME ever funded by the European Union H2020 Instrument. We are approved Members of Made in Britain as we design, develop, and perform all final assembly, testing and quality control functions for our products at our Plymouth Headquarters. Members of The Guild of Security Industry Professionals and an early adopter and member of the Good Business Charter (which incorporates being accredited as a Living Wage Employer and No Zero hours contract Gold employer). The Audax team is predominantly composed of service veterans and are proud to have the Gold Award of the Armed Forces Covenant.

Global Suppliers of Body Worn Cameras

Headquartered in Plymouth, the Historic Port City where the founders and early settlers of America, Australia and New Zealand all departed on their epic journeys, and from where the first ever Transatlantic flight landed.  Audax continues with a global reach having a virtual satellite office located in Brussels, Belgium, and works exclusively with Key partners around the World, this has enabled  Audax® to liaise better with our  customer base and partners. Our depth of experience facilitates longstanding relationships with our customers globally such as Police and emergency service workers, event & security guarding companies and a multitude of UK Councils for Environmental & Civil Enforcement.

Helping To Mitigate Risk of Aggression & Violence in Emergency Services

Audax BWV technology is proven to mitigate the risk of aggression and violence within the emergency services. In addition to police, ambulance and fire services, the technology can also be used for transport, event security and boarder and customs personnel.  Primarily BWV is used to increase the safety of frontline workers by deescalating confrontations and for the gathering of impartial, accurate evidence that can be used to educate, inform or prosecute.  BWV also improves transparency in terms of relationships with the public, while also reducing offender complaints and speeding up the administration of justice.

Competitive Pricing & Advanced Body Worn Camera Technology

Audax® are renowned for innovation and respected for our competitive pricing and technology being superior to that of many competitors. With substantial use by the Police in France and 8000 x cameras in use with the Police in Vietnam as examples, we are also the Prime Sponsor of the Ambulance Union in Belgium  Ambulanciersunie and are a key sponsor of the country’s ‘Aggression is NEVER OK’ campaign.  The Audax Managing Director was also one of the founding ambassadors for the Security Industry Federation (SIF) the trade union for the UK private security industry.

Award-winning Body Cameras

Our award winning product BIO-AX®, is the next-generation complete Body Worn Video Camera ‘eco’ system, from Audax®, that ‘fuses’ secure evidential video gathering with active user protection and provides a live streaming of video and audio footage (via 4G or Wi-Fi) from BWV to a command centre. Bio-AX® body cameras meet both BS EN 8593:2017 and the requirements of the UK Home Office Technical Guidance published in July 2018.

Security & Privacy By Design

We manufacture and design our products to be a ‘Security and Privacy by design’ product with the use of AES 256 Encryption on both the camera and the live stream, coupled with technology that provides the Ability to remotely ‘Stun’ a lost camera device (The camera can be sent a command by the control room software that can “wipe” the firmware and memory) thus meeting a higher level of GDPR compliance and security than some others

View our multi -Award winning, securely encrypted, UK manufactured, BWV Solutions @ https://www.youtube.com/@audaxBWV

Audax were the First UK Security company ever funded by the EU H2020 SME Instrument Phase 2 research and innovation programme.

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