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Since 2005 Audax® has been supplying Fire and Rescue, Mounted Officers, Armed Response, and Firearms Officers with head mounted cameras.

This product is often the camera of choice for these specialists over the alternative chest-mounted cameras, due to the unobstructed view during everyday use.

Armed Response Officers will often have a weapon drawn, which can obscure the field of view from traditional Body Worn Cameras (BWCs) that are usually worn on the centre of chest. To counteract this issue, Audax has developed a new tactical head-mounted camera, manufactured with these specialists in mind.

The mini cam is connected to an Audax Bio-AX® Camera, which in turn can be attached to the uniform or placed in a pocket, leaving the ruggedized mini camera to record from the chosen head-mounting. With Bio-AX®, the Internal GPS provides location on the video and live asset tracking back to the control room as well as the live stream video feed.

The head camera video can be managed either from the control room or by the user. This provides managers with oversight and situational awareness of assets ‘on the ground’, as well as confirmation of compliance and adherence to professional standards.

At just 38 grams, the Bio-AX® Mini Cam is capable of capturing 1080p HD video and, unlike other cameras, also has both manually selectable and auto Infrared lights for night vision.

The unobstructed viewing angle of 125°/95° and robust certificated durability of the mini cam make it an ideal choice for firearms officers and fire rescue teams looking to outfit their officers with BWCs.

Recorded and live streamed footage is encrypted with a full audit-trail, ensuring the video captured is evidential quality for criminal prosecution.

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Ask us for PDF’s of Helmet Mini Camera flyers for Bioax & the 20-1 Camera


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