Speaking of the company’s sponsorship, Managing Director Adam Liardet said: “Audax is delighted to be a silver sponsor of BAPCO 2021: The Online Event. British APCO is a key event in our calendar as the customer and partner interaction it provides directly supports our commitment to innovation and British manufacturing.

“With Spring approaching and the successful rollout of vaccines offering an imminent exit from the enforced ‘hibernation’ we have all been subjected to, we believe that BAPCO: The Online Event will offer the perfect platform for the sharing of information and experiences gathered over the past few months. These experiences are critical in the development and cultivation of ideas in the often fast- moving sector of public safety.”

While Audax will be physically exhibiting at the Annual Conference and Exhibition later this year (12th and 13th October), BAPCO: The Online Event will provide a focus point for those within the public safety to gather and share points of view. It is only by working together that the industry will be able to respond to this ever-changing environment and the unique challenges faced by the public safety community.

Audax® body worn cameras have been used by emergency service and security professionals across the globe from our first industry pioneering days in 2005. The new Audax® Bio-AX® camera has been designed and built with the core customer base at its heart and was launched in late Autumn 2020.  Bio-AX® can be remotely commanded to record and live stream video and audio, along with GPS location, from the control room.  This not only provides managers visibility and situational awareness of their assets on the ground, but it ensures complete oversight for compliance and professional standards. That’s why Bio-AX® is a valuable tool to ensure safety, security and professionalism.

 Register free to join us at the show: https://bit.ly/2M5DcB7

Audax®, the global pioneer of body worn video technology, is delighted to confirm that its newly launched industry-leading Bio-AX® body worn camera has been nominated for Outstanding New Security Product at the UK’s Outstanding Security Performance Awards 2021 (OSPAs).

The OSPAs celebrate organisation, teams, individuals, solutions and initiatives across the security industry that have “made a significant impact and have demonstrated outstanding performance at the highest level”. Having previously been nominated in this category, Audax® has once again been recognised as a key player in the industry at the forefront of body worn video technology.

BIO-AX® is Audax®’s next-generation wearable security solution. The body worn camera is robust, compact, and easy to use for local recording and capture of evidence and/or for streaming of live video. Video evidence is fully encrypted on the device and uses end-to-end secure encryption (AES 256-bit) in the live data stream, ensuring the solution not only meets but exceeds the UK Home Office Guidance and GDPR legislation. With a host of other unique features, BIO-AX® is ideally suited for even the most complex applications, including police, emergency services, MOD and other high profile security projects.

The winners will be announced at a virtual award show on Thursday, 25th February at 3:30pm. Full details of this free event can be found at www.uk.theospas.com.

Earlier this month, Audax® was proud to share its recent support of the wonderful work of Little Dresses for Africa (LDFA) Belgium with a new delivery of handmade, upcycled material, dresses and shorts to Baraka Children’s Home in Kenya (click here to read the story).

On this same visit to the continent, we were also busy with our own project in Oltiyani village, in the Amboseli National Park in Kenya. Amboseli National Park, covers some 392 Sq. Km and with the Backdrop of Mt. Kilimanjaro (the highest free-standing mountain in the world). The area is famous for its Elephant herds and in 1991 was declared a UNESCO heritage site. Living in and around the Kenyan parks are the pastoral Maasi communities. Sharing, living and co-existing alongside the wildlife, these nomadic cattle herders travel with the seasons, following the grazing / water. With no real ’fixed abode’ whole villages of even 30 to 50 traditional houses made from mud and cow dung, simply ’up sticks’ and move from one season to the next. In the Kenyan heat, finding water whilst protecting and caring for their livestock are daily challenges that take up all hours of the day.

Understandably, formal schooling and education aren’t high on the list of priorities for some, and the constant nomadic life isn’t exactly conducive to the school calendar as we know it.

Breaking the mould is Oltiyani village. With the guidance, permission and support of Patrick Tipape, this village is building their first permanent structure – a school. They want to protect their Heritage, traditions and way of life, but the people of Oltiyani Village also want to provide their children with the opportunity to enjoy an education that will open up more potential opportunities for their futures.

Adam Liardet, Managing Director of Audax said, “Having visited, it is evident they are succeeding, with a good range of subjects being taught and seemingly good understanding and learning being achieved. However, they can only go so far without ’external’ help.”

“Senior school is a good walk of some 15 Km, each way, every day. This school is provided by the Government and is the stepping stone to the ‘Modern World’. To put it into context, the School’s catchment area is the size of an English County. However without a school uniform they can’t attend. After so many struggles to make it this far, what we may consider to be a tiny barrier might as well be as high as Mt Kilimanjaro for them. The solution to me was simple – Audax® provided a significant number of children with their first school uniform. It is close to ‘Rifle Green’!”

The Maasi Amboseli village children in Kenya are reliant on the good hearts of supporters and sponsors, such as Audax. Through this donation, we have been able to provide these children the opportunity to go to State School and further themselves and their families. Without support like this, they would so often go without. If you too would like to donate, please contact Adam Liardet Managing Director of Audax, who can put you in direct communication with the Village.

Audax® are proud to have been able to show their support once again for the wonderful work of Little Dresses for Africa (LDFA) Belgium with a new delivery of handmade clothes and toys to Kenya on the 4th November 2020. In February 2020, Audax previously sent out a shipment of handmade clothing from the LDFA Belgium to South Africa.

Through Audax®’s global network and extensive experience, they are able to provide logistical assistance for delivery of these invaluable items. Audax selected the LDFA as their chosen charity for the sheer kindness and generosity that these volunteers show in providing disadvantaged children with items they desperately need.

LDFA upcycle old materials to produce dresses and shorts. These are then sent out to orphans and those in need in disadvantaged countries around the world.

On this trip, Audax® helped to distribute over 100 dresses, 25 shorts and numerous children’s toys. The children’s toys include stuffed animals, as well as baby accessories. The shipment of these wonderful unique clothing and toys will make a huge difference in the lives of these children. The incredible volunteers of Little Dresses for Africa (LDFA) Belgium have spent hours preparing this bundle for those in need at the Baraka Children’s home, Kenya.

In their own words, “Baraka Children’s Home is dedicated to giving orphan kids another chance through a quality foundation.”

Founded in 2006, Baraka is home to 265 children, all from a range of backgrounds. Some children were orphaned by HIV/AIDS, some were abandoned, others abused, lost and found, along with other heartbreaking stories. The children’s ages range from less than a year old, to adulthood. Baraka gives these children a home, as well as essential support and safety, giving them all another chance in life.

The children’s home in Kenya does not have wealthy sponsors; instead, they are reliant on the good hearts of supporters and sponsors, such as LDFA. Through kind and generous donations, such as handmade clothing and toys, they are able to provide these children who would otherwise go without.

Together, Audax® and LDFA brought these items to Baraka Children’s home in Kenyaon 4th November 2020, and the company are pleased to be able to offer their support to this amazing charity once more.

Audax® is proud to be the headline sponsor of the Anti-Aggression Symposium organised by SPOED 112 taking place on the 4th February 2021 in Antwerp. The full day event, with a line-up of influential speakers is focused on raising awareness of the anti-aggression campaign; as well as championing solutions that counter violence against emergency services workers.

Audax® is the world leading pioneer of body worn video technology, a proven solution to mitigate the risk of aggression and violence within the emergency services sector. As the prime sponsor of the Ambulance Union, (Ambulanciersunie), Audax® is keen to play an active role alongside SPOED 112 to ‘aid those who help us’ in the UK, in Belgium and elsewhere. In addition to headline event sponsorship, Audax® will be carrying out a number of demonstrations of its BWV technology for attendees.

Police officers in the zone Brussels-Capital-Ixelles have been increasingly confronted with violence over the last four years, with figures showing an increase of some 400%1. Officers are then on paid sick leave while they recover and thus aren’t capable of being on the streets providing the security the area desperately needs. The aggression has got so bad that often drink or drug intoxication is not the ‘catalyst’, as many might expect it to be.  For example, on 6th September 2020, firefighters were ambushed and attacked with Molotov Cocktails2, whilst on the 27th August a second team of firefighters were pelted with bottles3.

These statistics are deeply saddening and shocking, and yet it is thought that they hugely underestimate the full scale of the aggression on emergency services staff due to under-reporting. The ambulance and emergency services sector as a whole do an incredible job at keeping the public safe and they should not have to deal with unwarranted aggression from the public. That is why Audax® prides itself in supporting anti-aggression campaigns around the world.

Manging Director of Audax®, Adam Liardet comments, “The Symposium organised by SPOED 112 is a continuation of over three years of Audax® support of this cause in Belgium. No other company has been as active in Belgium as Audax® in trying to stamp out this ‘horrific plague’ of behaviour and we are keen to support an initiative that we are truly passionate about as protecting the emergency services sector against aggression and abuse is a priority for us.

“While we have proven time and again that our body worn cameras do mitigate some risk, without a fear of prosecution for an attack on an emergency worker, these attacks will still occur. As the global pioneer of this technology, having a product that provides indisputable evidence to support a prosecution is vital.”

The Symposium takes place in 4th February 2021 at the Auditorium Provinciehuis Antwerpen and tickets can be obtained from www.spoed112.com

We’re proud to have been selected as a finalist for Exporter of the Year Award in the Devon & Plymouth Chamber of Commerce’s 2020 Business Awards.

Along with 6 x other Award categories we are humbled to be joining the other finalists and promoting what businesses in Devon have to offer.

See more here https://crm.devonchamber.co.uk/news/details/news-release-04-08-2020

The finalists will be eligible to enter the regional and national British Chambers of Commerce awards taking place in London in November 2020.

The Award Categories

– Small Business of the Year
– Workplace Wellbeing 
– Customer Commitment Award
– Export Business of the Year
– Best Use of Technology
– Best Third Sector Campaign with Business Engagement*
– Rising Star*

The Judging Criteria:

The Judging Criteria

Following on from our Bronze Award in February 2020, Audax are proud to have been awarded the Silver employer recognition scheme Award of the Armed Forces Covenant in recognition of our support to the defence community.

What also makes Audax DNA? Our company name comes from part of a regimental motto. Every single employee of Audax is a veteran and both Company Directors are ex-servicemen themselves. A large number of our customers around the Globe have served in their respective countries Armed forces so we share a “bond” with all. It is this “Bond” of experience that provides an instant mutual respect and trust. You will always find the Audax stand at an Exhibition or Event with the Regiments Flag as a “rally point” for all “Once a Rifleman always a Rifleman”.

The ERS recognises commitment and support from UK employers for defence personnel. The scheme comprises bronze, silver and gold awards for employers who support those who serve or have served in the Armed Forces, and their families.

Audax recognises the contribution that the members of the Armed Forces make to the nation through their service and has signed the Armed Forces Covenant, to pledge our support of the Armed Forces Community. As part of our pledge, we support: the employment of veterans; our employees who choose to be members of the Reserve Forces (including the establishment of Reservist HR procedures); and our local cadet units, either in local community or local schools, where possible.

We all have a role to play in ensuring that the Armed Forces community is not disadvantaged by service, and by employing veterans we gain hugely from their direct experience of the operational environment, and their personal appreciation of customer needs and aspirations. When people leave the armed forces, they do so with unique skills and experiences that directly benefit our business. Their potential contribution should never be underestimated and thus are our preferred first choice in any recruitment that we have to undertake. Thus all employees are ex-service people and most of our contractors and consultants too.

In the year the British Parking Association celebrates its 50th Birthday, Audax as the Global pioneer of Body Worn Video BWV, are pleased to announce our latest Camera system the 20-1 has been shortlisted for V Innovate 2020. – the BPA virtual Parkex Innovation Trail.
View the entries and vote for your winner! https://lnkd.in/eMHx6rH
Voting closes on 16 July

A camera being robust and durable for all British climatic conditions is one thing, but having a large front button for operatives to be able to use, without having to take any gloves off, is just one key design feature of our new 20-1 BWV Camera. Being highly visible and overt is key in aiding members of the public recognise it as a camera and thus potentially deterring any attacks, but also ensuring it better meets legislation. The 20-1 Camera is our most user friendly and technically advanced product ever. See here https://lnkd.in/e2Ckj_k


Launch of the 2020 Belgium ‘aggression and violence against aid workers and police is NEVER OK’ campaign.

For some 8 weeks now, at 8 pm every evening, here in Belgium, whole streets and communities have been showing their support for the aid workers by clapping and sounding car horns. “Behind the scenes” violence aimed at aid workers, even in “Lockdown” has been increasing and it MUST STOP.

This morning (29 May 2020), alongside numerous local and national media representatives, various Union members and staff, Audax attended the campaign launch event in the council chamber of the city of Lier, Belgium.

This year the campaign has a figurehead of local celebrity and Belgian TV presenter, Walter Grootaers, frontman of De Kreuners “The Moans”.  Alongside was Dries Deschilder (Chairman of the Ambulanciers Union) and the “Artist behind the images” Dirk Van der Auwera, who incidentally is also a Police Chief inspector in the city of Lier with over 30 years’ service.

The entire campaign is hoping to gain awareness and engagement with policy makers and employers to start focusing and taking action rather than issuing passive “soundbites”. It is reported that some employers even forbid their staff from reporting incidents so as not to “upset the apple cart” and this too must stop. It is a serious issue and one that has been “brushed under the carpet” for too long here in Belgium.

One of the Key organisers of the event is DVE media operated by Dirk Van Elslande, who is hoping to see this circulated in the local and national press of Belgium. The campaign also runs alongside thousands of posters that have been printed which are now “springing up all over the country” being distributed by the Emergency workers and Sympathizers countrywide too so the message is certainly visually there!

Manging Director of Audax, Adam Liardet commented “With Audax being one of the key campaign sponsors and also the Prime sponsor of the Ambulance Union, (Ambulanciersunie) we are keen to assist where we can to “aid those who help us” in both in the UK, in Belgium and elsewhere.  “While we have proven time and again that our body Worn cameras do mitigate some risk, without a fear of prosecution for an attack on an emergency worker, these attacks will still occur. As the global pioneer of this technology having a product that provides indisputable evidence to support a prosecution is vital.”

He goes on to say “Audax provide technology rich and yet affordable solutions to protect those who help us and anything that raises awareness to this unacceptable problem and encourages employers to take this seriously by treating it as a crime, can only be a good thing in my opinion”. “ I am grateful to the Burgemeester, Frank Boogaerts, for welcoming me to the City of Lier and the local press for their interest in this event, I do hope this message also reaches the ears of those who consider that abusing an aid worker is acceptable and it alters their attitude too”.

We wanted to Communicate and share with you what we are doing in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in order to ensure service continuity.

Our priorities have always been to provide continued and uninterrupted service to our customers and maintaining the safety and well-being of our team and customers. Having been involved in Supplying Public Safety Products for nearly 20 years and all Audax staff having had a military or Law enforcement background we are well experienced and trained to deal with unusual events.

Tried and tested Company

Our infrastructure has been fine-tuned for the work-from-home situation long before the coronavirus outbreak. We have always provided remote work options and several of our Team have taken advantage of this facility over the years. The majority of our talented team have been working from home successfully for the last few years, whilst we’ve also maintained an office presence in Plymouth, Devon.  Our systems have been used, tested and ready for this situation. We use well tried and tested phone, messaging, accounting and project management technologies to ensure we keep on track.

Tried and tested Products

All Audax products are used globally in the frontline by the emergency services. They are independently tested and certified for use in the toughest of climates and meet infection control protocols of not being affected when cleaned with a detergent wipe (Clinell Surgical wipes) or 1 % Sodium Hypochlorite solution.

We continue to run our operations as normal and we don’t anticipate any disruption.

Our system component suppliers are now operating normally, our supply chain is running normally and We are doing our very best to ensure the usual availability and quality of our customer service.

We recognise that these are truly extraordinary times so we want to reassure you that we are here and will be happy to answer any questions, or discuss any concerns or ideas you may have with regard to your body camera solution needs or any other services with which we can support you.

We wish for your health and safety during these unusual times.

Adam Liardet

Managing Director and Founder