DEMS Software

The Audax DEMS (Digital Evidence Management System) is fully integrated in our Docking Station Solutions for the 19-1 Camera and Chest Camera solutions.

In addition to managing the Officer to Camera assignment via on-board NFC, the DEMS allows users to fully manage their recorded media.

Organisations have full control over User Access Rights, Retention tables, and much more.


Maximise Efficiency
• Automatic downloading. When a camera is connected, videos are automatically downloaded and stored (as per storage location).
• Automated data compliance. Following “successful” download, all data is automatically deleted from the camera.
• Bulk upload. Upload video from up to 8 cameras at the same time.
• Multiple labels. Records details of camera, date, user and location with each video.
• Camera booking log. Keep track easily of which user has which camera.

Deliver Where You Need It
• Ease of sharing. Export video files directly, or burn to DVD/CD.

CMS Software

The Audax CMS (Camera Management System) is your window to all that your Users are dealing with and is designed for both the Bio-AX(R) and 19-1 camera systems.

The system is simple to use, being web-based and fully secure with full Access Rights Managements.

Audax Body Worn Camera and CMS provide for a whole new Live immersive experience, never before available with fast, secure connection. Operational Awareness just entered an new dimension.


Manage –

  • Track all registered devices
  • View LIVE video anywhere
  • Manage IP based cameras
  • Remotely control camera (record, photo, PTZ etc)
  • Geo-Fences (zoned, in/out, timed etc)
  • Alerts – Panic, Zoned etc

Inform –

  • Live Google(TM) Mapping
  • Live Google Street-View(TM) perspective
  • Interact with Users via PTT/Intercom