Audax Bio-Ax Body Worn Camera with Remote Command.

Our Next Generation Wearable Security Solution

The Audax “flagship” of our camera range. The Award winning BIO-AX® is our next-generation wearable security solution.

Audax® Body Worn cameras have been used by Emergency Service and Security Professionals across the Globe since, our industry pioneering days, in 2005. Our Original Bio-AX® camera was funded by the European Union H2020 Instrument and was the “Communications Systems Award” winner at the Counter Terror Business awards and winner of the “Most Innovative in Security Technology” at the Innovation & Excellence Awards 2019. Our new Audax® Bio-AX® camera has been designed and built with our core Customer base at its heart and was launched in late Autumn 2020.

It was these customers from around the globe that gave us their requirements to improve upon our previous version.  For example, buttons have been made larger and we have added to the haptic feedback camera interaction to provide better user confidence.  Battery life has been improved to allow longer record times and longer live streaming times.  There is now QR code automated officer to camera assignment on the docking station which removes the labour-intensive pre-shift camera set up and after-shift camera evidence download and accountability.The Docking stations also have contact point charging and data download capabilities which remove the need to ‘fiddle’ with USB cables. With Clustered Talkback (PTT) Communication between cameras in a group or with a Control room this a communication tool in its own right, coupled with the fact that it is an All-in-One device with No Tethering to insecure Mobile phones or uses any insecure Apps. BioAX® is unique in also providing the ability to remotely ‘Stun’ a lost camera device – The camera can be sent a command by the control room CMS software that can “wipe” the firmware and memory. Thus, making it the most secure product to date and ensuring data security if the device is mislaid.

The  World first is that Bio-AX® can be remotely commanded to record and live stream Video and Audio, along with GPS location, from the Control room.  Previously this has been a “wearers” decision and choice. This now, not only provides managers oversight and situational awareness of their assets on the “ground” but it ensures complete oversight for compliance and professional standards. Making this a valuable tool in insuring professionalism.


  • Use Wi-Fi, 3G/4G for live streaming or a docking station for automated upload and data exchange
  • BIO-AX® live streaming can be activated from your control room or in the field. Live video supports a real-time situation overview and helps to make tactical decisions.
  • No “Tethering” to an additional Mobile Phone.
  • Automated Officer to camera assignment to make deployments simpler.


  • BIO-AX® comes* with secure, easy to use management software:
  • DEMS (Docking Station Evidence Management Software) / VMS ( Video Management Software) Software ( Storage Reporting and Camera user and device management) software & CMS ( Control Room Management software) for live viewing which is all integrated for complete secure video offload and backend video management.
  • Store and manage on the Audax Microsoft Azure® cloud or your own intranet server.
  • With BIO-AX®, you get a whole host of value added functions included as part of the initial purchase.
  • Licence-free Camera Management System with live-view, mapping and tracking
  • Integrated SOS (Lone-Worker protection) , with live GPS-tracking, and Geo-fencing, linked to active user specified alarms.
  • PTT capability – Communicate between cameras or with the control room.
  • Remotely Command Camera Recording – The cameras record function (and live stream of video and audio) can be instigated (turned on) by the control room CMS software.
  • Ability to remotely ‘Stun’ a lost camera device – The camera can be sent a command by the control room CMS software that can “wipe” the firmware and memory.
    DEMS / CMS provided with no Annual Licence commitment.

One low cost fixed price and then Your Sim card, your storage, your budget, your decision, your solution. BIO-AX® The Revolution from the Industry Pioneers.

* Minimum Order and conditions apply.