BIO-AX® – Body Worn Video, Revolutionised

Audax® are worldwide Pioneers in developing Body Worn Video technology. We led the World in 2006 in a joint project with the UK Home Office; were the First UK Security SME ever funded under EU H2020, and were the Communications Systems winner at the Counter Terror Business awards for 2018.

The Award winning BIO-AX® is our next-generation wearable security solution. It is an encrypted, cable free, Body Worn Video system for Live streaming or local full HD recording.

Locally Record and CAPTURE Evidence and/or STREAM Live VIDEO

A Robust, Compact and easy to use body camera.


  • Use Wi-Fi, 3G/4G for live streaming or a docking station for automated upload and data exchange
  • BIO-AX® live streaming can be activated from your control room or in the field. Live video supports a real-time situation overview and helps to make tactical decisions.
  • No “Tethering” to an additional Mobile Phone (see our FAQ for details)


  • BIO-AX®  comes secure, easy to use management software:
  • DEMS (Docking Station Evidence Management Software) / VMS ( Video Management Software) Software ( Storage Reporting and Camera user and device management) software &
  • CMS ( Control Room Management software) for live viewing which is all integrated for complete secure video offload and backend video management.
  • Store and manage on the Audax Microsoft Azure® cloud or your own intranet server.

With BIO-AX®, you get a whole host of value added functions included as part of the initial purchase.

Use your own Sim card and using End-to-end secure Encryption. All files are transmitted securely and encrypted (AES 256-bit) to the Audax Cloud or your own server.

Licence-free Camera Management System with live-view, mapping and tracking

Integrated SOS (Lone-Worker protection) , with live GPS-tracking, and Geo-fencing, linked to active user specified alarms or telematics.

Text to Speech & VOIP PTT capability

One low cost fixed price and then Your Sim card, your storage, your budget, your decision, your solution. BIO-AX® The Revolution from the Industry Pioneers.