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Bio-AX® News

Bio-AX(R) really is becoming very hot news. Over the last couple of months we have been busy. We have exhibited/demonstrated our Bio-AX(R) Technology at PSE2017 in Paris, The National Fire Officers BWV Conference in Manchester, and a live trial to a large EU Law Enforcement organisation, to name but a few events.

The response we have had, has been unbelievable, and reaffirms our belief and efforts to ensure we have the most cutting edge and secure Body Worn Video cameras ever seen. Indeed many have commented, on how we have created what was previously only but a dream.


If you have not already seen it, please watch the new Audax Video for Bio-AX®, to see what the fuss is about –

Recently the industry has seen the introduction of the new British Standard BS8593:2017. We are even more proud that Bio-AX(R) already exceeds this standard out of the box! Together with our unrivalled customer service, we are confident we are the market leaders for Innovation, Digital Security, Compliance and Quality.


Will will be exhibiting at the UK Security Expo 2017, 29th to 30th November 2017. More specific news on this shortly.

So for the rest of 2017, we will continue working hard for our customers old and new.

Thank you all for your continued interest, and remember, We are Bio-AX(R). Are you?



Bio-AX® Promotional Video

Watch the new Audax Video for Bio-AX®, Next Generation Body Worn Video on the Audax YouTube Channel –


We are Bio-AX® and we’re off to INFOPOL 2017



Come and see us at: 


 – Stand Number 271 – 

The Audax Team, look forward to welcoming you to our stand. We are Bio-AX®


We are Bio-AX®


Bio-AX® is a cost effective, interoperable and securely encrypted Body Worn Video and communication solution able to transmit the LIVE audio and situational picture (4G / Wi-Fi) in one simple, easy to use, rugged form factor. Designed for Situational awareness, Command and control and database consultation, our System can be utilised for Number Plate Recognition, Facial Recognition, ID / Passport / Document acquisition and verification, fingerprinting, registration and recording.


Bio-AX® offers the advantage of providing detection by comparison of concealed heat sources, and Night Vison with HD Video and Audio as standard.


Bio-AX® also provides an enhanced staff ‘safety blanket’ alarm feature, with capability for remote access, remote memory wipe and redaction software all built in to a ‘Security and Privacy by design’ product. Coupled with GPS location and GIS Google Mapping, all user actions from the Bio-AX® are logged, creating a complete chain of custody, from signing a device out, to streaming live footage, to securely uploading any evidence.


For the first time, Bio-AX® gives organisations the capability to audit their actions for compliance, and the power to deploy the correct resources, with a live ‘eye and ear on the ground’ perspective. This technology will bring many benefits to the stakeholders and increase security in our communities throughout Europe and beyond.


Come and see us at: 


 – Stand Number 271 –


– Stand Number L65 –


The Audax Team, look forward to welcoming you to our stand. We are Bio-AX®


Audax & EU H2020 EASME

Our relationship with the EU H2020 program has been built over a number of years.

Bio-AX = ‘Hello Future…”

#Bio-AX @H2020SME

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We’re off to the Security Expo 2016. Are You?

Come and meet the team, and hear what all the fuss is about – Stand B32.

See you soon. #BioAX

Audax timeline

Our New Website Goes Live

Welcome to our new website!

With our recent partnership with the European Union Horizon 2020 Programme and lots of exciting new product developments coming up, we felt it was a good time to launch our new, mobile-friendly website. This will be the home for all the latest product news, events we’ll be attending and key information about how body worn video is changing the face of policing, security and emergency services generally worldwide.

Check back again soon!