Streamline Your Digital Evidence Management with Audax DEMS and Docking Station Solutions

PC Body Camera Docking Station

Managing digital evidence can be a daunting task, especially for law enforcement agencies that need to handle large amounts of data. That’s where Audax DEMS (Digital Evidence Management System) and docking station solutions come in.

Audax Digital Evidence Management System

Audax offers DEMS for both of our Bio-AX and 20-1 cameras and these are connected with the Docking Station. Both offer a wide range of functionalities and are similar in their capabilities. The system is designed to manage Officer to Camera assignments via onboard QR code and also allows users to fully manage their recorded media.

Collect & Store Body Worn Video Digital Evidence

With Audax DEMS, you can collect and store digital evidence recorded on a BWV camera, and tag it with key words, case numbers, and other metadata to facilitate easy retrieval. For role-based functions, you can assign different permissions to different users or groups, giving organisations full control over user access rights, retention tables, and more.

Capable of Large Data Processing

The system is capable of processing large amounts of data securely, with redundancy backup and load balancing mechanisms in place for reliability. Audax offers both cloud-based and locally hosted servers for centralised storage and control, and automatic or timed data upload to simplify data management. You can also set up data retention policies per file type or all data types for ease of use.

Secure Video Viewing

With built-in AES media player for secure video viewing, the system offers role-based access control and user authentication for added security. In addition, you can issue secure one-time share links to other authorised external persons, making sharing evidence easy and secure.

Streamline Your Digital Evidence Management with Audax

Audax DEMS and docking station solutions offer a streamlined approach to digital evidence management. With its wide range of functionalities, secure data processing, and ease of use, Audax DEMS is a must-have tool for any organisation that needs to manage digital evidence.

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