We wanted to Communicate and share with you what we are doing in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in order to ensure service continuity.

Our priorities have always been to provide continued and uninterrupted service to our customers and maintaining the safety and well-being of our team and customers. Having been involved in Supplying Public Safety Products for nearly 20 years and all Audax staff having had a military or Law enforcement background we are well experienced and trained to deal with unusual events.

Tried and tested Company

Our infrastructure has been fine-tuned for the work-from-home situation long before the coronavirus outbreak. We have always provided remote work options and several of our Team have taken advantage of this facility over the years. The majority of our talented team have been working from home successfully for the last few years, whilst we’ve also maintained an office presence in Plymouth, Devon.  Our systems have been used, tested and ready for this situation. We use well tried and tested phone, messaging, accounting and project management technologies to ensure we keep on track.

Tried and tested Products

All Audax products are used globally in the frontline by the emergency services. They are independently tested and certified for use in the toughest of climates and meet infection control protocols of not being affected when cleaned with a detergent wipe (Clinell Surgical wipes) or 1 % Sodium Hypochlorite solution.

We continue to run our operations as normal and we don’t anticipate any disruption.

Our system component suppliers are now operating normally, our supply chain is running normally and We are doing our very best to ensure the usual availability and quality of our customer service.

We recognise that these are truly extraordinary times so we want to reassure you that we are here and will be happy to answer any questions, or discuss any concerns or ideas you may have with regard to your body camera solution needs or any other services with which we can support you.

We wish for your health and safety during these unusual times.

Adam Liardet

Managing Director and Founder