Earlier this month, Audax® was proud to share its recent support of the wonderful work of Little Dresses for Africa (LDFA) Belgium with a new delivery of handmade, upcycled material, dresses and shorts to Baraka Children’s Home in Kenya (click here to read the story).

On this same visit to the continent, we were also busy with our own project in Oltiyani village, in the Amboseli National Park in Kenya. Amboseli National Park, covers some 392 Sq. Km and with the Backdrop of Mt. Kilimanjaro (the highest free-standing mountain in the world). The area is famous for its Elephant herds and in 1991 was declared a UNESCO heritage site. Living in and around the Kenyan parks are the pastoral Maasi communities. Sharing, living and co-existing alongside the wildlife, these nomadic cattle herders travel with the seasons, following the grazing / water. With no real ’fixed abode’ whole villages of even 30 to 50 traditional houses made from mud and cow dung, simply ’up sticks’ and move from one season to the next. In the Kenyan heat, finding water whilst protecting and caring for their livestock are daily challenges that take up all hours of the day.

Understandably, formal schooling and education aren’t high on the list of priorities for some, and the constant nomadic life isn’t exactly conducive to the school calendar as we know it.

Breaking the mould is Oltiyani village. With the guidance, permission and support of Patrick Tipape, this village is building their first permanent structure – a school. They want to protect their Heritage, traditions and way of life, but the people of Oltiyani Village also want to provide their children with the opportunity to enjoy an education that will open up more potential opportunities for their futures.

Adam Liardet, Managing Director of Audax said, “Having visited, it is evident they are succeeding, with a good range of subjects being taught and seemingly good understanding and learning being achieved. However, they can only go so far without ’external’ help.”

“Senior school is a good walk of some 15 Km, each way, every day. This school is provided by the Government and is the stepping stone to the ‘Modern World’. To put it into context, the School’s catchment area is the size of an English County. However without a school uniform they can’t attend. After so many struggles to make it this far, what we may consider to be a tiny barrier might as well be as high as Mt Kilimanjaro for them. The solution to me was simple – Audax® provided a significant number of children with their first school uniform. It is close to ‘Rifle Green’!”

The Maasi Amboseli village children in Kenya are reliant on the good hearts of supporters and sponsors, such as Audax. Through this donation, we have been able to provide these children the opportunity to go to State School and further themselves and their families. Without support like this, they would so often go without. If you too would like to donate, please contact Adam Liardet Managing Director of Audax, who can put you in direct communication with the Village.

Audax Support Little Dresses for Africa (LDFA)

Audax® are proud to have been able to show their support once again for the wonderful work of Little Dresses for Africa (LDFA) Belgium with a new delivery of handmade clothes and toys to Kenya on the 4th November 2020. In February 2020, Audax previously sent out a shipment of handmade clothing from the LDFA Belgium to South Africa.

Through Audax®’s global network and extensive experience, they are able to provide logistical assistance for delivery of these invaluable items. Audax selected the LDFA as their chosen charity for the sheer kindness and generosity that these volunteers show in providing disadvantaged children with items they desperately need.

LDFA upcycle old materials to produce dresses and shorts. These are then sent out to orphans and those in need in disadvantaged countries around the world.

On this trip, Audax® helped to distribute over 100 dresses, 25 shorts and numerous children’s toys. The children’s toys include stuffed animals, as well as baby accessories. The shipment of these wonderful unique clothing and toys will make a huge difference in the lives of these children. The incredible volunteers of Little Dresses for Africa (LDFA) Belgium have spent hours preparing this bundle for those in need at the Baraka Children’s home, Kenya.

In their own words, “Baraka Children’s Home is dedicated to giving orphan kids another chance through a quality foundation.”

Founded in 2006, Baraka is home to 265 children, all from a range of backgrounds. Some children were orphaned by HIV/AIDS, some were abandoned, others abused, lost and found, along with other heartbreaking stories. The children’s ages range from less than a year old, to adulthood. Baraka gives these children a home, as well as essential support and safety, giving them all another chance in life.

The children’s home in Kenya does not have wealthy sponsors; instead, they are reliant on the good hearts of supporters and sponsors, such as LDFA. Through kind and generous donations, such as handmade clothing and toys, they are able to provide these children who would otherwise go without.

Together, Audax® and LDFA brought these items to Baraka Children’s home in Kenyaon 4th November 2020, and the company are pleased to be able to offer their support to this amazing charity once more.