Audax cameras for the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine

Recently the Federal Police Liaison Officer at the German Embassy in Kyviv gave the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine a large number of Audax cameras as part of a deal to help strengthen the security of border control and to aid in the implementation of European standards. 

The cameras will be used to help those serving the capital’s airports and as part of an ongoing German cooperation to combat organised crime, terrorism and other serious crimes. 

Adam Liardet, Managing Director & Founder of Audax® comments “Audax® were the First UK Security SME ever funded by the European Union H2020 Instrument and it is pleasing that our European Partners recognise the superior quality of British made products. Designed with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) at ‘its heart’, our cameras are securely encrypted with AES 256 Technology and are fully certified and meet the requirements of the Ukrainian State Special Communication Committee.

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