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In today’s world, it is important to ensure that data is kept secure and only accessed by those who are approved. This is particularly true for law enforcement agencies and security workers who use body-worn video (BWV) cameras to capture footage of their interactions with the public. In the UK, the Home Office and College of Policing provide technical guidance requirements for Police use of BWV cameras (but these are generally accepted as the authority for security professionals as well). One requirement is that they must have non-removable media storage within a sealed unit for data security and integrity.

Audax® BWV cameras, which are manufactured in the UK, are designed to meet these strict requirements. The cameras provide high-quality HD video and audio on secure non-removable memory. The camera is a sealed unit, and the standard 32 GB memory is ‘fixed’ to the motherboard. This means that the memory cannot be removed and it is ‘tagged’ to only work with the particular motherboard. By its unauthorised removal it will disable the entire memory and prove useless for data recovery.

All recordings are also secured by AES 256 encryption, which is one of the strongest and most recognised encryption methods available. This encryption is not only on the recordings held in the camera memory, but it also on the live streaming video, being transmitted to a control room. All video is protected by AES 256 encryption and the decoder / decryption media player (for secure video viewing) is hosted in Audax DEMS. Without access to this software, the video playback will just show a green screen and be useless to anyone. Our docking stations also have role-based access control and user authentication for security.

One of the other key features of Audax® BWV cameras is their password encryption. The cameras are password protected, and the settings are secured with the Audax® camera management software (CMS). This ensures that only authorised personnel have access to the footage and settings, adding an additional layer of security to the device.

Overall, Audax® BWV cameras are best-in-class for law enforcement agencies and security workers who require secure and reliable body-worn video cameras. Our adherence to the UK Home Office’s technical guidance requirements, non-removable media storage, and strong encryption methods make us an ideal choice for those who require the highest level of data security and integrity.