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PC Body Camera Docking Station

Managing digital evidence can be a daunting task, especially for law enforcement agencies that need to handle large amounts of data. That’s where Audax DEMS (Digital Evidence Management System) and docking station solutions come in.

Audax Digital Evidence Management System

Audax offers DEMS for both of our Bio-AX and 20-1 cameras and these are connected with the Docking Station. Both offer a wide range of functionalities and are similar in their capabilities. The system is designed to manage Officer to Camera assignments via onboard QR code and also allows users to fully manage their recorded media.

Collect & Store Body Worn Video Digital Evidence

With Audax DEMS, you can collect and store digital evidence recorded on a BWV camera, and tag it with key words, case numbers, and other metadata to facilitate easy retrieval. For role-based functions, you can assign different permissions to different users or groups, giving organisations full control over user access rights, retention tables, and more.

Capable of Large Data Processing

The system is capable of processing large amounts of data securely, with redundancy backup and load balancing mechanisms in place for reliability. Audax offers both cloud-based and locally hosted servers for centralised storage and control, and automatic or timed data upload to simplify data management. You can also set up data retention policies per file type or all data types for ease of use.

Secure Video Viewing

With built-in AES media player for secure video viewing, the system offers role-based access control and user authentication for added security. In addition, you can issue secure one-time share links to other authorised external persons, making sharing evidence easy and secure.

Streamline Your Digital Evidence Management with Audax

Audax DEMS and docking station solutions offer a streamlined approach to digital evidence management. With its wide range of functionalities, secure data processing, and ease of use, Audax DEMS is a must-have tool for any organisation that needs to manage digital evidence.

Contact Audax today to learn more about how Audax DEMS can benefit your organisation.

In today’s world, it’s important to have complete situational awareness, especially when it comes to monitoring cameras and user movements.

That’s where Audax CMS (Camera Management System) comes in. Designed for both Bio-AX and 20-1 camera systems, Audax CMS is a simple-to-use, web-based, and fully secure software monitoring program that provides complete situational awareness of all camera/user movements and actions.

Ideal for control rooms, Audax CMS offers dynamic management of ongoing live situations and has user SOS Panic Alerts for emergency situations.

You can also analyse past camera actions, locations, and more, allowing for a 360-degree audit trail of your digital evidence gathering for retrospective search. For data security, you can assign different permissions to different users, giving organisations complete control over user access rights.

The system is capable of processing large amounts of data and live video streaming, and it accepts virtually all IP-based cameras, including vehicle, mobile, fixed, traffic, and more. Audax CMS can be cloud-based or locally hosted, offering centralised storage and control.

With role-based access control and user authentication, the system ensures security, and you can view live or historic bread crumb trails of camera location-based activities. You can also converse with users via PTT or send text messages (certain models only) and harness the power of Google Maps via automated Geo Fence Alerting.

For added security, Audax CMS offers the ability to manage lost or stolen devices by issuing a Stun/Wipe command (Bio-AX). The Bio-AX camera is ONVIF Profile S compatible, allowing for integration into other compatible platforms, and it also offers the unique feature of remotely commanding camera recording.

Audax CMS offers complete situational awareness and dynamic management of live situations, making it an essential tool for control rooms and organisations that need to monitor user movements and camera actions.

With its wide range of functionalities, secure data processing, and ease of use, Audax CMS is a must-have tool for any organisation that needs to monitor camera/user movements. Click here to contact Audax today to learn more about how Audax CMS can benefit your organisation.

In today’s world, it is important to ensure that data is kept secure and only accessed by those who are approved. This is particularly true for law enforcement agencies and security workers who use body-worn video (BWV) cameras to capture footage of their interactions with the public. In the UK, the Home Office and College of Policing provide technical guidance requirements for Police use of BWV cameras (but these are generally accepted as the authority for security professionals as well). One requirement is that they must have non-removable media storage within a sealed unit for data security and integrity.

Audax® BWV cameras, which are manufactured in the UK, are designed to meet these strict requirements. The cameras provide high-quality HD video and audio on secure non-removable memory. The camera is a sealed unit, and the standard 32 GB memory is ‘fixed’ to the motherboard. This means that the memory cannot be removed and it is ‘tagged’ to only work with the particular motherboard. By its unauthorised removal it will disable the entire memory and prove useless for data recovery.

All recordings are also secured by AES 256 encryption, which is one of the strongest and most recognised encryption methods available. This encryption is not only on the recordings held in the camera memory, but it also on the live streaming video, being transmitted to a control room. All video is protected by AES 256 encryption and the decoder / decryption media player (for secure video viewing) is hosted in Audax DEMS. Without access to this software, the video playback will just show a green screen and be useless to anyone. Our docking stations also have role-based access control and user authentication for security.

One of the other key features of Audax® BWV cameras is their password encryption. The cameras are password protected, and the settings are secured with the Audax® camera management software (CMS). This ensures that only authorised personnel have access to the footage and settings, adding an additional layer of security to the device.

Overall, Audax® BWV cameras are best-in-class for law enforcement agencies and security workers who require secure and reliable body-worn video cameras. Our adherence to the UK Home Office’s technical guidance requirements, non-removable media storage, and strong encryption methods make us an ideal choice for those who require the highest level of data security and integrity.

The Audax Holster Aware is a brand-new solution that detects whether a handgun, non-lethal weapon, CED (Conducted Energy Device) or PAVA Spray has been removed from a holster worn by the body worn camera wearer.  This new feature is now available across Audax’s range of pioneering Body Worn Video (BWV) cameras.

Audax have been pioneers in body worn video (BWV) technology for the past few decades. Once again, with the release of the Audax Holster Aware the BWV experts are leading the field with ground-breaking features that will change the way in which security and emergency service workers are protected.

Designed to minimise the number of actions a camera wearer must take, Audax’s Holster Aware Sensor recognises the presence of a firearm (or a non-lethal weapon, CED or PAVA Spray) within a holster and will trigger recording to begin via Bluetooth wireless technology to an Audax Bluetooth-enabled camera if this item is removed or inserted.

Before this technology, these workers would need to press the recording button on their BWV camera in order to capture the event and securely store it, however, if the camera wearer is faced with a situation where they must draw their weapon, the pressing of a button will likely be impossible. However, without this vital recorded evidence, prosecuting criminals can be tricky. That’s why this innovative technology is so important.

With Audax Holster Aware, the officer or security personnel wearing the camera does not need to worry about pressing a button to begin recording, as the removal of the weapon from the holster will do this automatically. This simple action could potentially save crucial time and capture valuable evidence.

Using wireless Bluetooth technology, the sensor pairs and connects to the nearest Audax camera in a 10m range, providing instant recording initiation on the BWV camera. This level of connectivity also enables an audit report to be generated in Audax DEMS to log every instance a sidearm has been drawn from a holster.

Adam Liardet, Managing Director of Audax comment: “At Audax, we are always looking for new ways to enhance operational capability in the field. This innovative new feature was designed to prioritise the safety of the emergency services and security professionals, along with other BWV users.”

Audax – worldwide leaders in Body Worn Video technology – will continue to use their extensive experience and knowledge to develop and advance their products, and increase the safety of those who wear them.

About Audax®

Audax have been the worldwide Pioneers in Body Worn Video (BWV) technology since 2005. We are approved Members of Made in Britain as we design, develop, and perform all final assembly, testing and quality control functions for our products at our Plymouth Headquarters. Members of The Guild of Security Industry Professionals and an early adopter and member of the Good Business Charter (which incorporates being accredited as a Living Wage Employer and No Zero hours contract Gold employer). The Audax team is predominantly composed of service veterans and are proud to have the Gold Award of the Armed Forces Covenant.

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Audax Global Solutions Ltd, world leaders in pioneering body worn video (BWV) technology, are proud to be showing their support for the UK’s exhibition industry, taking part in The Emergency Services Show (stand L85) at the NEC, Birmingham on 7-8 September, International Security Expo (stand C2) at Olympia, London on 28-29 September and the BAPCO Annual Conference & Exhibition (stand C20) at the Coventry Building Society Arena, Coventry on 12-13 October.

Audax will also be the badge sponsors at all three events, whilst at The Emergency Services Show the company are the headline sponsor of the Future Policing Zone, including the Seminar Theatre where on 7th September at 10.45am, Audax’s Adam Liardet, Managing Director and Founder and Derek Horne, International Sales Manager will be presenting in The Future Policing Theatre, sharing their views on the future of body worn video.

Adam commented: “We are so looking forward to sharing our latest developments, meeting existing clients and making new connections at all of these key exhibitions. Live events give us the opportunity to get in touch directly with our customers, get a better understanding of what they’re looking for and show them how we can help. We’ve had an incredible year so far; as well as growing the team and moving to larger facilities at our Plymouth HQ, we’ve also secured several major projects in the UK and overseas. Such developments have reinforced our position as one of the world leaders in body worn video technology and a force to be reckoned with.”

Due to previous restrictions, these events will also be the first opportunity to meet with clients face to face for those members of the team who have joined the company in the past year. These shows provide the ideal platform to share Audax’s latest technology innovations with professionals in the emergency services and security industries.

Audax will be launching a new range of British designed and British manufactured docking stations for their award-winning body worn video cameras, providing a simple, agile solution for those customers faced with poor or unreliable data transfer upload speeds. These latest products enable users to dock multiple devices simultaneously, sync evidence automatically as well as analyse, tag, store and organise evidence. Audax now provides all software products pre-installed within the docking station and 120GB internal SSD, offering a secure, out of the box solution. The system is fully scalable and can cater for smaller standalone sites through to enterprise cloud requirements.

The docking station solution is a critical and integral part of a modern BWV system that’s importance is often overlooked. It is well established that the use of BWV deters violence and thus enhances staff safety. With the provision of impartial, accurate evidence these devices are also used to speed up the justice process by reducing case report preparation and thus enabling time and cost savings. Ensuring the preservation of the evidence chain can only be efficiently done via a docking station, with a simple and secure method of transferring data to a storage facility on a local or network drive that takes into consideration that most customers operate a secure network.

Exhibitions are also the perfect opportunity for visitors to learn more about the latest upgrades to Audax’s incredibly popular 20-1 body worn camera. The easily recognisable 20-1 camera packs a unique technology specification into a small, robust, and lightweight form factor, easily outperforming other products in its class. Designed for those looking for a cost-effective solution for secure evidence gathering, the updated 20-1 model features incredible high-quality HD video and audio with a market leading record time of over 12 hours, providing secure evidence gathering capability with AES 256 encryption and user password controls in an auditable and approved manner.

With integrated GPS giving the exact location and with camera and user credentials provided by the automated QR code ID system, the camera is designed to be both user friendly and highly secure. Developed to be used in all weathers, it has built in IR for full night-time recording and tactile user-friendly buttons for operators when wearing gloves.

The Audax chest camera is designed to be user friendly and highly visible ensuring the camera is both an effective deterrent, as well as offering pre- and post-event recording to ensure all evidence is gathered in a fully compliant manner. With all these features, plus Wi-Fi for live streaming of video and H265 compression it can provide a formidable solution, whatever your demands.

For the first time, the newly updated 20-1 camera now has the capability of accepting Audax’s uniquely designed helmet camera, which includes selectable IR for night-time use. It now also uses the same highly popular DEMS (evidence management software) and newly launched docking stations as Audax’s award winning Bio-AX camera.

With a substantial presence at the biggest shows in the emergency services and security calendars, Audax is certainly celebrating the return of live events this September and the team are looking forward to introducing these exciting new developments to new and existing partners.

Audax is proud to announce it has secured the provision of a significant number of their latest body worn video cameras, Bio-AX®, for Mitie Security’s frontline security team in Regent Street. Owned by The Crown Estate and managed by JLL, Regent Street is renowned as a high-profile location featuring some of the most luxurious and well-known retail and lifestyle brands in the world. As part of Mitie’s security provision for the area, street patrols will now have the added reassurance provided by Audaxs world-leading body worn video solutions.

Audax has been highly involved in implementing this project from the very beginning, not only supplying the hardware and software required but also installation, training, and ongoing support.

With Bio-AX®, Mitie has access to world leading technology. Bio-AX® can be remotely commanded to record and live stream video and audio, and report current GPS location, all from the control room. Previously this has been a choice for the wearer alone, (which it still is). However, managers now have oversight and situational awareness of their assets ‘on the ground’, as well as complete visibility to confirm compliance and professional standards are met. These features make Bio-AX® an invaluable tool for Mitie to ensure their prestigious clients like JLL and their customers are afforded the professionalism and highs level of service they expect and deserve.

As part of the project, Audax® also provided the camera management solution, which features web based visual management and location system all hosted by the Secure Audax® Cloud with Video Storage. With a direct panic alarm on every camera, push to talk (PTT) Communication and active GPS location, this All-in-One device makes is an essential security asset as well as a communication tool in its own right.

Manging Director of Audax®, Adam Liardet comments, “Our Audax® Bio-AX® camera has been designed and built with our core customer base at its heart. This camera has some unique features, and we are proud to be market innovators yet again. Early adopters such as Mitie have been quick to identify these advances and ensure that their operatives and their clients are benefiting from the best technology that a UK manufacturer of body worn video can offer.

“At Audax® we are truly passionate about protecting those who protect us against aggression and abuse. While we have proven time and again that our body worn cameras do mitigate some risk, the active tracking and live video streaming provide a further safety net and provides indisputable evidence to support a prosecution.”

Mitie’s technical project lead for the trials described it as “an all-round hit… really impressed with the software and hardware, it has exceeded our expectations”.

Adam continues, “it is obviously great to hear this feedback and we appreciate the trust that Mitie’s System and Security teams have placed in us. It is a privilege to provide the end to end body worn video solution to protect the wellbeing of the security team at this well respected, historic, and famous location in London. We look forward to building on this initial success with other locations in the future.”

Body Camera Delivery to Vietnam Police 2021

Body Worn Video (BWV) technology specialists and industry pioneers, Audax® who are based in the UK, are celebrating once again after winning another major contract to supply the Police in Vietnam with Audax® cameras.

Adam Liardet, Managing Director of Audax®, said: “as a result of a careful procurement selection process by our customer alongside the huge success of previous projects, the Police in Vietnam are boosting their inventory with more of our cameras.”

“Ensuring our cameras are robust and durable for all British climatic conditions is one thing, but they have also proved to meet the demanding conditions and requirements of our customers in more ‘exotic’ locations.  Audax® products have been used globally by the emergency services on the frontline for nearly 20 years. Our years of experience in dealing with Police forces and security professionals worldwide have greatly contributed to the design and development of the products we offer today.”

Headquartered in Plymouth, with satellite offices in Canterbury and Brussels, the Audax® team is predominantly composed of service veterans. The company design and develop products and perform all final assembly, testing and quality control functions in their Plymouth facility. As such, Audax® is an approved Members of Made in Britain, the register of British Manufacturers.

With a large front record button, the devices are simpler to operate, and unlike other cameras used by some UK Police forces, the video review screen is on the rear of the camera, so it is not as easily damaged. It also doesn’t require linking to a mobile phone. Audax body worn video cameras have a longer life battery and can be used in the dark as they include built-in IR lamps. They also feature GPS for location pinpointing and are both significantly lighter and more robust to cope with the climate.

Mr Liardet, adds: “Our products are designed to be secure so evidence can’t be manipulated or tampered with, and they protect members of the public just as much as they protect officers from false allegations. They are independently tested and certified in both Europe and the USA for use in dynamic environments.”

“We have shipped nearly 8,000 cameras to Vietnam in the last two years. As a result of this, and our other customers recognising our ‘Made in Britain’ quality, we have not only avoided furloughing any staff but have even recruited new staff members to the team this year. Furthermore, demand is so strong that we have had to double our floor space in Plymouth.”