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PC Body Camera Docking Station

Managing digital evidence can be a daunting task, especially for law enforcement agencies that need to handle large amounts of data. That’s where Audax DEMS (Digital Evidence Management System) and docking station solutions come in.

Audax Digital Evidence Management System

Audax offers DEMS for both of our Bio-AX and 20-1 cameras and these are connected with the Docking Station. Both offer a wide range of functionalities and are similar in their capabilities. The system is designed to manage Officer to Camera assignments via onboard QR code and also allows users to fully manage their recorded media.

Collect & Store Body Worn Video Digital Evidence

With Audax DEMS, you can collect and store digital evidence recorded on a BWV camera, and tag it with key words, case numbers, and other metadata to facilitate easy retrieval. For role-based functions, you can assign different permissions to different users or groups, giving organisations full control over user access rights, retention tables, and more.

Capable of Large Data Processing

The system is capable of processing large amounts of data securely, with redundancy backup and load balancing mechanisms in place for reliability. Audax offers both cloud-based and locally hosted servers for centralised storage and control, and automatic or timed data upload to simplify data management. You can also set up data retention policies per file type or all data types for ease of use.

Secure Video Viewing

With built-in AES media player for secure video viewing, the system offers role-based access control and user authentication for added security. In addition, you can issue secure one-time share links to other authorised external persons, making sharing evidence easy and secure.

Streamline Your Digital Evidence Management with Audax

Audax DEMS and docking station solutions offer a streamlined approach to digital evidence management. With its wide range of functionalities, secure data processing, and ease of use, Audax DEMS is a must-have tool for any organisation that needs to manage digital evidence.

Contact Audax today to learn more about how Audax DEMS can benefit your organisation.

In today’s world, it’s important to have complete situational awareness, especially when it comes to monitoring cameras and user movements.

That’s where Audax CMS (Camera Management System) comes in. Designed for both Bio-AX and 20-1 camera systems, Audax CMS is a simple-to-use, web-based, and fully secure software monitoring program that provides complete situational awareness of all camera/user movements and actions.

Ideal for control rooms, Audax CMS offers dynamic management of ongoing live situations and has user SOS Panic Alerts for emergency situations.

You can also analyse past camera actions, locations, and more, allowing for a 360-degree audit trail of your digital evidence gathering for retrospective search. For data security, you can assign different permissions to different users, giving organisations complete control over user access rights.

The system is capable of processing large amounts of data and live video streaming, and it accepts virtually all IP-based cameras, including vehicle, mobile, fixed, traffic, and more. Audax CMS can be cloud-based or locally hosted, offering centralised storage and control.

With role-based access control and user authentication, the system ensures security, and you can view live or historic bread crumb trails of camera location-based activities. You can also converse with users via PTT or send text messages (certain models only) and harness the power of Google Maps via automated Geo Fence Alerting.

For added security, Audax CMS offers the ability to manage lost or stolen devices by issuing a Stun/Wipe command (Bio-AX). The Bio-AX camera is ONVIF Profile S compatible, allowing for integration into other compatible platforms, and it also offers the unique feature of remotely commanding camera recording.

Audax CMS offers complete situational awareness and dynamic management of live situations, making it an essential tool for control rooms and organisations that need to monitor user movements and camera actions.

With its wide range of functionalities, secure data processing, and ease of use, Audax CMS is a must-have tool for any organisation that needs to monitor camera/user movements. Click here to contact Audax today to learn more about how Audax CMS can benefit your organisation.

Audax®, the world-leading pioneers of body-word video technology are continuing their fight against aggression towards law enforcement and emergency service personnel by once again sponsoring the SPOED 112 Anti-Aggression Symposium, taking place on 27th October 2021 in Antwerp, Belgium.

With a worrying trend of increasing hostility, aggression and violence towards the police and emergency services workers in Brussels, the UK and further afield, SPOED 112 alongside headline sponsor Audax® are hosting their annual symposium, focused on raising awareness of their anti-aggression campaign, as well as championing solutions that counter violence within this industry.

The full-day event, which is set to take place at the Provincial House in Antwerp Belgium, will see a line-up of influential speakers, stands and demonstrations of the Audax Body Worn Video (BWV) technology. The event hopes to educate and arm individuals, with the aim of combatting the worrying aggression phenomenon.

Appropriately retained as the headline sponsor, Audax BWV technology offers solutions that are proven to mitigate the risk of aggression and violence within the law enforcement and emergency services sectors – and its requirement is increasing. As highlighted in the latest issue of SPOED magazine, further sectors are now showing an interest in using BWV technology thanks to their broad range of applications.

In addition to police, ambulance workers and fire services, the technology can also be used for public transport, event security and military personnel. The primary reasons for using body worn cameras are to increase the safety of frontline workers by deescalating confrontations and for the gathering of impartial, accurate evidence that can be used to educate, inform or prosecute.  It also improves policy and transparency in terms of relationships with the public, while also reducing offender complaints and speeding up the administration of justice.

As the prime sponsor, Audax are keen to play an active role alongside SPOED 122 to ‘aid those who help us’ in the UK, Belgium and across Europe. Adam Liardet, Founder and Owner of Audax said, “We have long been committed to protecting the emergency services sector against aggression and abuse. No other company has been as active as Audax® in trying to stamp out this ‘horrific plague’ of behaviour in Belgium and even globally, and we are proud to once again support an initiative that we are truly passionate about. Furthermore, the use of body worn cameras promotes transparency and openness, which inevitably leads to improved officer performance and increased public confidence in national policing.”

Audax are looking forward to supporting the SPOED 112 symposium on 27th October 2021 at the Auditorium Provinciehuis Antwerpen. More information about the event can be found at:


Symposium Spoed 112 2021
Audax BIO-AX Front Body Cam

Audax Global Solutions Ltd, world leaders in pioneering body worn video (BWV) technology, today announced that it had received notification that it will receive an order to provide 20,000 Audax® Bio-AX® cameras to a national police force. The roll-out of body worn cameras, valued at approx. £13.2 million ($17M / €15.2M), ranks as globally significant and is expected to start in December 2021 with final delivery completed by May 2022.

The Cameras will be deployed to assist in the Government’s aim to modernise policing, assisting with border protection and assisting security operatives dealing with organised crime. Adam Liardet, Founder and Owner of Audax said, “The use of body worn cameras promotes transparency and openness, which inevitably leads to improved officer performance and increased public confidence in national policing. We are privileged to be chosen to assist and look forward to working with our local assembly partner for further projects in the region.”

Audax will be working alongside their in-country technology partner to manage the deployment. This partner will be assisting in the final assembly of key components of the Bio-AX® system in country, with support provided directly by the Audax team. This collaborative approach will provide skilled jobs to locals in the region and facilitate the transfer of technical skills.

The rugged, all-in-one, Bio-AX® camera is designed to protect both the police and the public with its intuitive recording function and live streaming of securely encrypted video. The camera’s internal GPS provides location on the video and live asset tracking is possible via mapping in the control room. A unique innovation of the Bio-AX® camera is the ability for staff in the control room to turn on the live stream remotely. This feature not only provides managers with visibility and situational awareness of their assets ‘on the ground’, but also ensures complete oversight for compliance and professional standards. These features make Bio-AX® a valuable tool to ensure professionalism. The product offers superior battery technology, which provides world-beating live streaming and recording durations.

Once completed, this will be the latest in a series of global body worn camera deployments, with both public authorities and law enforcement. Additional deployments include: 8000 cameras to Vietnam, numerous Councils and private security firms in the UK, a large volume of local police users in France and other users in several EU nations as well as the USA.

Audax is looking forward to sharing further details of this exciting project in the coming weeks.

Speaking of the company’s sponsorship, Managing Director Adam Liardet said: “Audax is delighted to be a silver sponsor of BAPCO 2021: The Online Event. British APCO is a key event in our calendar as the customer and partner interaction it provides directly supports our commitment to innovation and British manufacturing.

“With Spring approaching and the successful rollout of vaccines offering an imminent exit from the enforced ‘hibernation’ we have all been subjected to, we believe that BAPCO: The Online Event will offer the perfect platform for the sharing of information and experiences gathered over the past few months. These experiences are critical in the development and cultivation of ideas in the often fast- moving sector of public safety.”

While Audax will be physically exhibiting at the Annual Conference and Exhibition later this year (12th and 13th October), BAPCO: The Online Event will provide a focus point for those within the public safety to gather and share points of view. It is only by working together that the industry will be able to respond to this ever-changing environment and the unique challenges faced by the public safety community.

Audax® body worn cameras have been used by emergency service and security professionals across the globe from our first industry pioneering days in 2005. The new Audax® Bio-AX® camera has been designed and built with the core customer base at its heart and was launched in late Autumn 2020.  Bio-AX® can be remotely commanded to record and live stream video and audio, along with GPS location, from the control room.  This not only provides managers visibility and situational awareness of their assets on the ground, but it ensures complete oversight for compliance and professional standards. That’s why Bio-AX® is a valuable tool to ensure safety, security and professionalism.

 Register free to join us at the show: https://bit.ly/2M5DcB7

Audax®, the global pioneer of body worn video technology, is delighted to confirm that its newly launched industry-leading Bio-AX® body worn camera has been nominated for Outstanding New Security Product at the UK’s Outstanding Security Performance Awards 2021 (OSPAs).

The OSPAs celebrate organisation, teams, individuals, solutions and initiatives across the security industry that have “made a significant impact and have demonstrated outstanding performance at the highest level”. Having previously been nominated in this category, Audax® has once again been recognised as a key player in the industry at the forefront of body worn video technology.

BIO-AX® is Audax®’s next-generation wearable security solution. The body worn camera is robust, compact, and easy to use for local recording and capture of evidence and/or for streaming of live video. Video evidence is fully encrypted on the device and uses end-to-end secure encryption (AES 256-bit) in the live data stream, ensuring the solution not only meets but exceeds the UK Home Office Guidance and GDPR legislation. With a host of other unique features, BIO-AX® is ideally suited for even the most complex applications, including police, emergency services, MOD and other high profile security projects.

The winners will be announced at a virtual award show on Thursday, 25th February at 3:30pm. Full details of this free event can be found at www.uk.theospas.com.